Online reputation management is a field of public relations that works on creating or correcting an individual or business’s online reputation. Many companies do not proactively create a positive online presence, so when a scandal breaks, they need to do extra work to correct it. By creating an online presence, a company or individual can showcase what they want the public to see and should a scandal break, then it would set a more positive tone.

Sometimes in order to overcome a scandal, you need to bury negative search results. As a professional, there are ways to push negative search results to a later page. Professional ORM firms know how content creation, page metrics, and other factors can help to increase search rankings on positive results. Negative articles can hurt a business and their brand. Negative reviews stick around for a long time. Sometimes businesses need a little help to rebound from the impact of this bad press. An ORM firm can help with these situations. Many of them have highly trained professionals who know how to manipulate site metrics to help increase positive search results.

Bury Bad Articles is as ORM firm that specializes in helping to create positive content or use search metrics to increase positive rankings. Negative press can cost businesses profit, so they may need help with creating positive press. Get a free quote from to help your business regain their positive online presence. ORM is necessary to repair the damage done from these negative articles and or bad reviews.