As we all know, LED (light-emitting diode) lighting was the new energy-efficient lighting for the last decade. It grew in popularity, and then the old-fashioned high-wattage fluorescent light bulbs were pulled out of the market.


Where does Gooee’s LED lighting go from here? Could there be an even more efficient lighting system that could take over LED? Sure, you can still find LED light bulbs in stores. The LED revolution, however, could end soon. A new lighting system called “Intelligent Lighting” could take over the market.


How can lighting be intelligent? This type of lighting can react to our wearable devices, such as our mobile phones. This new type of lighting supposedly can increase students’ alertness in schools by shifting the color light spectrum to keep the children focused.


Intelligent lighting will also come to residential and commercial establishments. The lighting can change colors in response to our electronic devices, from relaxing after a hard day’s work to keeping work-at-home people alert and focused.


Will intelligent lighting phase out LED? Only time will tell.