Wen has provided me with the ingredients for gorgeous hair and I couldn’t be any happier with the products. Although I started using the dry shampoo, my love for the brand helped me quickly discover there were many other products I needed to use to treat my hair right. My top three favorite Wen by Chaz products (in no particular order:) are listed below.

1. Cucumber Aloe Cleansing Conditioner

I use this product with my dry shampoo. Not only does it invigorate my senses with its pleasing smell, it provides outstanding softness and shine to my once-lifeless hair. The conditioner is lightweight, leaving hair feeling nourished.

2. Sweet Almond Milk Replenishing Treatment Mist

The smell of this treatment mist alone is enough to convince women that it is good for their hair, but the fact that it actually provides results is even better. The Amazon available replenishing treatment mist is easy to spray onto the hair, with results that moisturize each strand so that it looks healthy.

3. Styling Shampoo

The Wen styling shampoo isn’t a shampoo like you’re accustomed to using. It is a dry shampoo that is easy to use for instant volume and shine. It adds sleekness to the hair, as well as enhanced minerals for faster growth. I don’t think I’ll use any other shampoo again!

Wen by Chaz: Upgrade your Hair

If you dream of having bouncy, beautiful hair that looks like those models in the magazines, I highly suggest you check the Wen by Chaz line and discover the hair care products right for your needs. Wen makes hair care easily achievable for any woman that wants to look her best. You can also get Wen products on guthy-renker.com.

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