When events need to be planned, they can be frustrating. There are so many details that it is very easy to get overwhelmed. With so much to do and not knowing where to start, it may make sense to hire someone to handle the job. For anyone located in New York City, Twenty Three Layers may be the company for you.

Twenty Three Layers has been in business for almost ten years and is headed by Jessica Boskoff. She has many years of experience and has a highly qualified team of event planners ready to tackle any event. They have experience in both private and corporate events so there is no task that they can’t handle. At Twenty Three Layers, they aim to personalize each event and make each one unique and personal.

When looking to hire an event planner, put in the time to find the right one. Working with the right person is the best way to make sure your event is just as you hope it would be. Before hiring any event planner, get a good idea in your mind of how you want your event to be and how you want it to look. Having a vision will help when you are trying to explain your ideas to your hired planner.

Research your planner before hiring anyone. Ask anyone you can to see who they recommend. This includes businesses who use event planners regularly. Check out different companies on the internet. See picture of the kind of work different planners will do. Set up interviews with a few planners that seem good to you.

Have a face to face interview to get a good feel for the event planner personally. Explain exactly how you want your event to be and see what ideas they bring as well. Hire the planner that you feel the most comfortable with and who you feel can best pull off your vision.

Holding an event can be stressful but some of that stress can be relieved by hiring an event planner. The right planner will make the event perfect and effortless.