Jose Borghi is the current President and Co-CEO of Mullen Lowe Brasil. His sister invited him to attend a presentation of the advertisements that won the so much praised Cannes and that is where he developed an interest in the advertising industry. Borghi joined the Catholic University of Campinas and studied Advertising. Borghi has over 25 years of experience in the advertising world, and he has received numerous awards for his exceptional skills in the same area.

Jose Borghi began his career in 1988 as an editor at Standard Ogilvy. He then joined DM9DDB in 1994-1999 where he was involved in some campaigns such as Parmalat “mammals,” “Carlinhos,” Itau, and INBEV. Borghi joined Leo Burnett in 1999 as the Chief Creative Officer and earned a promotion to the CEO position in 2001. He is the one behind the Fiat campaign, which was the market leader at 2001. It is after this that he started his company, BorghiErh in 2002. Jose Borhi has worked with other advertisers including Honda, Asia Motors, American Express, Delta Airlines, April, Kellogg, Leaf Group, and Alpargatas among others.

His agency BorghiErh announced a merger with the global network Lowe &Partners in December 2006. Borghi served as the CEO of the ad agency that later changed its name to Borghi Lowe in 2012. After merging with Mullen, the company changed its name again to Mullen Lowe Brazil in 2015. Additionally, Andre Gomes the former vice president of the agency became a co-CEO alongside Borghi. At the agency, Mr. Gomes will take over the operations management while Jose Borghi is in charge of creativity and innovation. Mullen Lowe Group is a marketing communication network that brings together over 90 agencies with different cultures in more than 65 markets.

Content marketing involves the formulation of relevant materials that meet the needs of the customers. Jose Borghi gives different strategies to help the companies in content marketing and lead to a successful sale. Looking smart is one of the qualities towards success in content marketing, use features like the SEO optimizations and the buyer persona study. He also advises the companies to deliver useful information and not evidence about their brands that ensures that any consumer gets to know the key thing about a company. Additionally, individual’s presence is paramount on Facebook, do not just leave information on the social networks but also make an effort to participate in the readers’ comments and answer their questions in time. The use of the content and inbound marketing guidelines leads to excellent results.