Swiss Start -Up Factory was started several years ago, and it is currently based in Zurich. The main objective of the company is to look for modern digital entrepreneurs then offer them opportunities. Swiss Start-Up Factory is believed to have very strong networks around Switzerland and in other parts of the world, and this helps in getting opportunities for the entrepreneurs.

The institution runs a start-up program that lasts three months. During the program, the entrepreneurs are couched, mentored. They are also offered office space at a favorable location in Zurichtown and a business network where they can accomplish all their business goals.

The founder and leader of the company is Mike Baur. Mike comes from Switzerland in a region known a Fribourg. Over the years, he has remained very close and connected to his home area. He has always loved the banking and financed industry since he was a teenager, and this explains why he had so much passion for the subject. Practicing his profession over the years has always brought him a lot of satisfaction.

Mike Baur is believed to have spent almost two decades in the Swiss Private Banking before he made is way up to become an executive member of the board. After being employed for many years, Mike decided to start his own company in 2014. At that time, he was thirty nine years old. He had gained enough expertise and knowledge in the two decades, enough to enable him run his own firm. He started the institution with two other individuals, and they have worked together to make the company the best independent and privately owned start-up accelerator company in the country.

When he is not working in the company, Mike Baur spends most of his time at the Swiss youth entrepreneurship. He is also believed to be supporting several start-ups in the country as a mentor and also giving them financial support.

Mike Baur has managed to do so well because of his educational qualifications and hard work. He went to the University of Rochester in New York where is believed to have acquired his MBA. After completing his MBA, he decided to take his executive MBA, this time from the University of Bern.

Since the formation of the company, Mike has worked with his two partners to ensure that his company achieves its objectives. He has also worked with different other organizations to ensure that he achieves his goal.