Don Ressler has shown that he has exceptional skills when it comes to business. Ressler also has a great method for finding out what customers want with fashion. One of the most effective ways to keep customers is through membership. For one thing, with a membership, a lot of the work is done for the company when it comes to marketing. The customer is aware of the company and what it has to offer because he has paid the membership fees. Meanwhile, non-member retailers are paying a heavy price because of the lack of membership.

One of the heaviest prices that non-membership retailers pay is in advertising. Businesses that don’t run memberships tend to advertise a lot more compared to businesses that have membership business models on Therefore, they will spend a lot more money in order to bring in customers. This can result in certain issues that customers face such as paying higher prices for some items. After all, the company does have to recoup its cost in some way. However, this is not that common of an occurrence. What is common is that businesses spend a lot more money than they need to on advertising.

With membership businesses like Don Ressler’s TechStyle, there are multiple ways to keep in touch with the customer. For one thing, businesses can email the customer for free. As a result, they can save a lot of money in marketing. Also, members tend to be the most loyal customers because they tend to have a more personal relationship with the company. As a result, they wind up making the company more money. Also with the customer at, they analyze the habits in order to know what products to offer. This makes it more likely that the customer is going to find something that he likes every time he walks into the store.

These days, businesses should focus more on building and maintaining relationships with customers as opposed to just advertising their business mentioned on LinkedIn. With the right type of membership deals, business can not only make their ends meet, but they are also able to build deep relationships with their customers.