Some of the best movies that actor, producer and director Denzel Washington has played in include:


Cry Freedom; 1987. One of his earliest, but still one of the best Denzel Washington movies.  Washington played anti-apartheid activist, Steve Biko. He received his first nomination for the Academy Award for best supporting actor in this film.


Courage Under Fire; 1996. While his own record is under investigation, Lt. Colonel Nathaniel Sterling reviews another officer’s (Meg Ryan) candidacy for a posthumous medal and becomes engrossed in her story.


Remember the Titans; 2000. Washington was nominated for an Academy award for his role as coach Herman Boone in the movie.


Training Day; 2001. Playing the role as corrupt cop Alonzo Harris in the crime thriller, Denzel Washington received the Academy award for Best Actor, and it’s one of his best movies.


American Gangster; 2007 This film was based on the true story of Frank Lucas. Washington received a Golden Globe Award for best actor.


These above-mentioned movies are just a few of the many movies that Denzel Washington has appeared in. He is the first African American actor to win two competitive Academy Awards and continues to be a much sought after Hollywood actor and director.